Managed IT

Whether you have 10 computers in a small office or 500 computers spread across the globe, we can manage your IT Resources. We provide monitoring, purchasing, and support for your full infrastructure from helping your users troubleshoot their scanner to keeping your servers secure and functioning.


Network Management

Losh Network Services can monitor your enterprise network and identify issues both in your equipment and your internet provider and work towards a speedy resolution. We can also help with designing  your network to prevent outages and increase security.


Workstation Monitoring

We employ industry tools to keep track of your computers to ensure they are up-to-date, secure, and can provide expedient support to your staff so they spend less time dealing with problems and more time keeping your business going.


server monitoring

We also monitor servers and ensure they keep functioning providing your business critical applications without interruption.

Business Phones

True to our origins, we provide a leading set of solutions for business telephony from modern VOIP systems to traditional digital and analog service, we can cover all of your needs.



No matter your size, we can fit a VOIP phone system to fit  your needs. Our flagship product is the Avaya IP Office platform, available as a Hybrid phone system for Digital, Analog, and IP Telephony needs including SIP Trunks, Remote Branch phones, and still supporting legacy circuits such as PRI.



With the Avaya IP Office, you gain access to the Avaya One-X Mobile and Avaya Communicator which can keep your mobile users connected as if they are in the office on their laptops and mobile devices.

Hosted Phones

 We offer hosted phone services so that you don’t have to maintain your own equipment. Just plug the phones into the internet, and you are good to go. Hosted phone service has all of the capabilities of an on-premises solution, and extra features on top of that!

SIP Trunking

Buying a new system? Already have a modern system with support for SIP Trunks? We offer SIP Trunks and Internet phone lines at great rates almost certain to reduce your phone bill.



Aging phone system? No budget to replace it yet? We can help you maintain many legacy phone systems including the Avaya Definity, Merlin Legend and Magix, Avaya Partner, Nortel BCM, Meridian Norstar, and Modular ICS.

Cloud Services

Losh Network Services is a big believer in cloud applications. Less infrastructure for you to maintain at your facilities, greater control of your IT cost per user, and no loss of investment if a particular product doesn't meet your needs. From Office 365 to Amazon Web Services, we can help you find which cloud services might be a fit for your business.


Office 365

Losh Network Services can maintain your office 365 email/document/collaboration features as well as designing implementation plans, moving from on-premise mail servers, or from other email services for almost all aspects of Office 365.


Cloud Servers

We can provide hosting for servers and applications you want to move into the cloud to make them more available to an on-the-go workforce.


cloud application implementation

Do you have a 3rd party application that is cloud-based but need help getting it working for your business? We can help with that. We can work with you and the cloud application vendor to come up with the technical implementation plan and work with you to make sure what they are providing fits your business needs.


No job is too large or too small. Do you need to add 2 network or phone lines to a single office, or do you need to install the cabling infrastructure for a 3 story office building? We can help.


Structured Cabling

Our technicians follow BICSI standards for installing CAT5e and CAT6 cabling for your computer and phone needs. We can do the cabling end-to-end from face-plates to the network closet, and we can certify the cabling with Fluke testers.



We can install and repair single and multi-mode fiber for your facilities, including buried, aerial, and in-building fiber. Our technicians can properly terminate fiber and ensure that it will work on the first try with Fluke testers to sign off on every cable we install.


Full Range of IT Services

We offer a gamut of IT services. If it is related to computers in your business, we can probably help you out. Here is a short list of topics we haven't listed yet:

  • wireless surveys, design, and implementation

  • Server Sales and implementation - Dell

  • Workstation and Laptop sales and installation - dell

  • computer hardware upgrades

  • switching

  • network engineering

  • firewalls and web filtering