Cloud Services

Losh Network Services is a big believer in cloud applications. This means less infrastructure for you to maintain at your facilities, greater control of your IT cost per user, and no loss of investment if a particular product doesn’t meet your needs. From Office 365 to Amazon Web Services, we can help you find which cloud services might be a fit for your business.

Cloud Servers

We can provide hosting for servers and applications you want to move into the cloud to make them more available to an on-the-go workforce.

Cloud Application Implementation

Do you have a 3rd party application that is cloud-based but need help getting it working for your business? We can help with that. We can work with you and the cloud application vendor to come up with the technical implementation plan and work with you to make sure what they are providing fits your business needs.

Microsoft 365

Losh Network Services can maintain your Microsoft 365 email/document/collaboration features. This includes designing implementation plans, moving from on-premises mail servers, or from other email services for almost all aspects of Microsoft 365.