Hosted PBX

We offer a full suite of Hosted or Cloud phone services including E-Fax, Hosted Phone System, and SIP Trunks.

Monthly Investment

  • $25 per phone

  • $1 per phone number

  • $25 per fax line (You can set up fax to email for FREE!)

Perks of Joining

  • Unlimited Domestic Calling

  • FREE US-Based Tech Support

  • Equipment is covered by warranty while you have our services

  • Unlimited lines (This means no callers will ever reach a busy signal!)

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See How Hosted Phones Work!


Hosted PBX

Don’t want to maintain or purchase a phone system? Want to simplify costs associated with your telephone services? Let us take care of that for you. Simply connect the phone to the internet, and you have phone service. It is as simple as that. No equipment to maintain or messy equipment closets.


Hate your fax machine? We can offer e-fax services through email, both sending and receiving so you don’t have to mess with a fax machine ever again, just send an email and it is all handled for you. If you are still tied to a traditional fax machine, we can also offer reliable delivery for traditional fax machines through our HostedPBX platform.

SIP Trunks

Already have a PBX/Phone System and just need to reduce costs on your phone lines? We offer Internet Phone Lines and SIP trunk services and can work with you on a variety of phone systems to help implement the service and can offer affordable rates guaranteed to save you time and money.


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